Our Story

From blowing up on instagram to dominating the front page of Reddit, The Sexy Burger was destined for  the spotlight. 

How did it all begin? Well, it's a bit of a crazy story. It begins, of course, with two besties and a freshly opened bottle of pinot noir…

Estelle, owner of Stellar Stage Apparel, and her friend Andie were catching up over a few drinks one Friday night at Estelle’s workroom with the plan of heading out for a burger afterwards. Earlier that day Andie had found out she was competing in an upcoming pole competition, so they were discussing theme and costume ideas. Being both tipsy and hungry Estelle suggested, as a joke, that a burger theme would be hilarious! Andie called Estelle’s bluff and began to build on Estelle’s seemingly silly joke. Before they knew it together they had fleshed out a whole burger themed performance! The following week Estelle got to work and sketched up the burger costume, and began creating her vision. Fast forward to after the competition, Estelle went to post the costume on her instagram as she does - but this time something magical happened! The post instantly went crazy!!! There were thousands of likes, reposts and followers from all around the world!

The original Sexy Burger costume The original Sexy Burger

Pictured: The original costume and Estelle's friend Andie performing in her costume - October 2019

The only problem was that Estelle is only one person, and the sexy burger takes over 35 hours to make. Not ideal! Over the next six months interest in the burger remained steady, and then had a new spike in popularity in May 2020. A scammer website even stole Estelle’s burger imagery and ‘sold’ non-existent burgers as a scam! This was the wake up call Estelle needed. She got in touch with Aleisha, a local fashion industry expert specialising in getting designs into production.  Aleisha loved the sexy burger so much that her and Estelle became business partners!

Doing all this during a global pandemic was never going to be easy and there were many hurdles along the way, but finally a year on The Sexy Burger is here!

Come join us as our story continues, who knows where it will take us... !


Meet the team:


Estelle Peacock

Estelle is the designer and creator of the sexy burger. She studied fashion design at university and has worked in the industry for 10 years starting out in made to measure formalwear and bridal. In 2013 Estelle began taking pole dance lessons and making costumes for herself and friends to perform in. In 2018 she took the leap into self employment focusing on custom dance wear under the brand name Stellar Stage Apparel, and in 2019 the sexy burger was born.  

Aleisha Mitchell

Aleisha joined the Sexy Burger team in 2021. She has a deep understanding and experience of garment manufacture and the fashion industry.  Aleisha has built relationships with a number of factories over the years and has been integral in making the Sexy Burger a reality.


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